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           Measures Issued to Fortify Off-Balance-Sheet Business Risk Management
          Category:Legislative Updates  
          Keywords:CBIRC;  commercial bank;  off-balance-sheet business risk
          Publish Date:12-08-2022
          The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) recently issued the Measures for the Management of Off-Balance-Sheet Business Risks of Commercial Banks.
          The Measures expand the definition scope of off-balance-sheet business and introduce emerging business types. A comprehensive and unified system for management and control of off-balance-sheet exposures has been established, with clear provisions made on the nature of risks, legal relationships and management requirements for each off-balance-sheet business. Besides, the Measures underline that commercial banks should establish a well-round management system for off-balance-sheet business risks under the principle of category-based and risk-oriented management, in a bid to regulate business conduct and strengthen external supervision and administration.
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