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           CBIRC and Other Three Departments to Standardize Usage of Word ‘Bank'
          Category:Legislative Updates  
          Keywords:CBIRC;  bank;  word
          Publish Date:12-08-2022
          Recently, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) and other three departments jointly issued the Circular on Standardizing the Usage of the Word ‘Bank'.
          According to the Circular, without the permission of the CBIRC and its branch offices, any incorporated or unincorporated organizations should not use the word “Bank” in their names, with exceptions only for international financial organizations, central banks, and multilateral development institutions, and others as otherwise provide for by the State. Moreover, it's further clarified that, the word is prohibited from unauthorized use in the full or abbreviated name of any incorporated or unincorporated organization, or in the name of any trademark, product, business, service, website, internet users' account, or mobile internet application.
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